How Real is God?

When those whose faith is not strong and pure and refined ask God for signs, they do not receive the signs that they expect, and so they say that the Deity they prayed to was not real.

When people make decisions that are not aligned with the Will of God, sometimes even being in direct conflict with the Will of the Almighty, and God does not reveal Himself through their actions, or through the consequences of their actions, they say that God is not real.

When people see things with their own eyes or hear things with their own ears, or perceive any thing through their senses that is contrary to what they know about God, they say that God is not real.

When bad people do bad things, yet are not punished, but good people do good things, yet are not rewarded, those who observe what happens say that God is not real.

How real can God be in light of his absence in particular situations in which He is requested, and presence in situations in which He is not expected? For if God does not affect every action of every individual, or if He does not bring consequences to the actions of every individual, cannot reality and God be separated?

A man can live a whole life, a good life, and not encounter God; a man can live a short life, filled with sin and vice, and not encounter God — where can God be found? Where does the path to God lead?

I know that there have been many holy men and women that have come before me; and I am no good man — perhaps I am the most wicked man, having been blessed with such divine connection and yet remaining in the world of man. I am broken, and only whole with God. Yet what can I offer now besides my testimony of the Glory of God, the hidden things in plain sight, that any eye can see, or the comfort of knowledge that no matter what paths are taken, God’s Will be done: His Glory is real.

Sometimes He smiles on me, despite the error of my ways and the wayward life that I have lived; God, I should come sooner to the fullness of Your Way. I am still a man of forgetting, and sleep, and death!

Yet I have seen the reality of God in all places, and have heard His calling as if from a great distance, ought I be a better servant of the Lord. For now, it seems the path of the Way is available for all to take, through God’s mercy may we repent of our sins and be forgiven. All those that have been chosen by God will be called when it is His Will that they be called, and all lives continue until the time that souls are ripe and prepared for the fullness of the Holy Spirit. What great travesty of times we live in wait of the return of God to the lands where nature groans and tears are shed and lives are lived out in ruin.

How real is God if all the days of a man’s life are lived out, and not until the last, dying moments of such a man’s life is God revealed in all of His Glory? It seems as real as if the man had known God for all of his days — for we are rebels like the Angels before us, and we are parted from God by our own actions of spiritual weakness. We share the history of basking in God’s love and spurning each other in turn; how patient can we fathom God to be?

There will be days when God’s Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven, and the reality of God will call to all the corners of the earth. Even now the reality of God hangs like an invisible realm over us all, and one day we will all share in this reality. For those that have eyes to see, watch sharply, for sadly there are those who will never answer the call and never have eyes to see — it is their perception of reality.





God is always watching.

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