Is COVID-19 an Indicator of the End Times?

Although it is more difficult to attribute specific natural disasters and plagues to the explicit Will of God, no event goes unwatched by our Father in Heaven. Nor will any signs of the End of Times come that do not carry the characteristics of being well known, popularized in the news and popular media; relevant, with the ability to affect any particular individuals or regions; and specific with the Will of God, in accordance with His Wishes and Plan for the human race, and bearing the unknowable factors associated with the Mystery of God Himself. If not the bearer of the beginnings of great tribulations for the End Times, this coronavirus or COVID-19 at least serves of some warning of the dire indications of the present state of humanity. Quick to ask, are you prepared to meet the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ when God returns?, observations can be made about how society is receptive of this pandemic disaster — the panic, uncertainty, lack of prayer, hoarding, and otherwise apathetic consideration of God’s Will during these dark times. Tendencies of modern human beings to follow selfish paths, to lend to materialism and secular lives, to depend on modern medicine to ensure health and well being, and to continue down paths of anti-theism and atheism are observable in society through interactions rarer in lieu of social mediac lives.

Surely these are tribulations “unlike the world has ever seen”, the continued Roman dynasty of globalization and commercialism present in developed world societies. Yesterday we were marrying and making merry, indulging in lives that seem comfortable in the midst of plagues, famine, and desolation; those who have been touched by war have already tasted of the belligerence that modern civilization is capable of without God. If COVID-19 is not the harbinger, is it not the forebearer of the harbinger to come? It is the actions and words for which Christians should be concerned; are we not destined to face the circumstances that God has judged should save the world?

Trust in the Lord God deserves a precedence that it has not received nor been given in modern days — it has been forgotten in times of plague where it should be clung to as with the armor and sword of God. Perhaps too few beseech Him from ash and sackcloth to save civilization from COVID-19 — the churches have lost their reverence and the people have lost their faith. Perhaps there is still time left until the days of tribulation, and worse plagues to be faced, more devastating famines, and unfathomable nuclear war. Perhaps it is simply time for God to return to the Earth unknown since the days of Adam, to judge the living and the dead, and begin a new Earth Age.

Before but one course remains in the days that come, the only course of actions that truly matters, repent and be forgiven under the attainable mercy of the Lord God. Let COVID-19 be a wake-up call for Christians, gentiles, and pagans that God has been calling for those whom he has called to join His flock. Instead of isolation and the sustenance of mass produced goods, let us travel out into the gatherings of wolves like sheep, and minister in the Name of God to those who require it most.

The Mark of the Beast is greed, one that will be exposed and unhidden during these dark times. COVID-19 has demonstrated that in mass panic and hysteria that accompanies plague, greed will motivate human beings to stockpile supplies for survival devoid of faith in the wisdom of God. Only those that possess this distinctive and enveloping trait of greed will be able to buy or sell in these times: the general public is closed to sales. In spirit, this greed will consume the mind and spur the hands to action, buying all manners of superfluous goods to make it through the End Times in vain — toilet paper, creature comforts; oh Lord God, what are all of these things in comparison with the Glory of Your Name that we know, through the Gospels and the Prophets — why have we forsaken you?

Whether in the near future as a result of the tribulations that have been mechanized by COVID-19, or more distant times in which humans have had more time to refine themselves and choose their allegiances of spiritual warfare, God will be as swift, cunning, and executive with His Actions as has been written of in the Scriptures. Whether it is the culmination of the End Times that is expected within the lives of modern Christians, let there be prayer for deliverance and salvation to rival the tribulations. God’s Will be done, let us have the strength to continue, and if so, to change.

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