Coronavirus, the universal goal of greedy sin, and the End Times

“There will be great tribulation, such as has not been from the beginning of the world until now, and never will be” has remained the prediction of Jesus of Nazareth two thousand years ago for the times preceding His Second Coming (Matt. 24:21). As the End Times prophesies written of within the Revelations of John come to pass, we all find ourselves sharing the experience preceding the Rapture, the battle of Armageddon, and the monumental natural events surrounding God’s return to Earth. Society has given us a lens, a false view, of the reality that is bestowed onto us by God the Father; yet if we look around for the signs, they become clearly visible. Mass epidemics such as COVID-19, the Coronavirus, are popularized on mainstream media — influenza, mental health disorders, and cancer continue to teach lessons to the human race that most will never learn. The Mark of the Beast, greed, has been accepted by all those that wander in search of the Almighty Dollar; all those that have prioritized accumulation of wealth and materialistic possessions above the treasury of God; and all those that, holding to the desires of their heart, lust after idols of currency printed and engraved with the faces of men and their own designated values. One not need look far to encounter the wave of mass anti-theism popularized by the youth and those following the folly of man.

In fact much of what news regarding plights of plague for the human race is not news anymore, so far into the times of tribulation have we come in the millenia following Christ. Famines unfold before our very eyes in areas such as Yemen and the Sudan ( Along with the new spread of Coronavirus, which has recently claimed 4,000 deaths internationally, there is an outbreak of Ebola in Congo and Measles in the Central African Republic ( The state of warfare and tension circulating between the long-time rival superpowers the United States and Russia, Muslim countries in the Middle East, and terrorist cells throughout the world has been portrayed within the media for decades. What better and more credible backdrop could have been provided for human beings than what civilization has become at the turn of the 21st century.

Even more could be done for the purpose of furthering the study of eschatology, for those who have the eyes to discern the news through the veil of our Father’s Will. The word of the Prophets of the Lord is “Repent” — though I fear the day will come when the time is too late to repent, and soon. The days that are lived in luxury and idle speculation will have past; from among the days that are to be spent in fear and fearful hope, shall there be time, and contrition, to repent? As we trek with abandonment of God in our steps, ridden with viruses and biological deterioration, how far can we go until there is no looking back? Of particular relevance, how long can we put idols for wealth above our concern for God’s blessing in our daily lives until we are too hardened to ask for change? One not need find an end of the merciful bounties of the Lord God to still find the enacting of His righteous justice.

Every thing will continue to behave according to its’ nature, the nature that was imprinted upon it by God the Creator — in this way, human beings tend to continue to behave according to their nature, expressing the desires of Man and the divine desires of the soul. As Christians, we are privy to a preparation not found among those who do not believe that the end is near. Yet the questions prodded by the spirit and the change expected of those who walk with God do not become easier as the end times unfold and more is revealed of God’s plan. Contrarily, the submission and question of an upright relationship with God becomes more pressing in these times; the weight of which we depend on God alone to hold greatens. When one hears of spreading pandemics and pestilence, famine and death and war, hold the Lord God closer in thy prayers, for these disastrous events pave the way for the trumpets of God’s return. The end is near. Repent for your sins for the Kingdom of God comes. Strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ and be blessed with the Holy Spirit. These words and events only serve as confirmation of one’s faith along the paths that we walk.

God blesses

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