How can I change my day to be more Christian?

I love God.

Having heard many self-proclaimed Christians make this statement, I have at times experienced negative feelings, given that I love God and many Christians profess their love yet fail to express it physically or spiritually. To me, verbal expression of love for God was almost blasphemy when spoken but not practiced in the heart. What does it profit, my neighbors, if someone says he has faith and love but does not have works? Can this alone save him? If a brother or a sister is naked and starving and one of you says to them “Peace to you, be warm and full,” but does not give them clothing nor food, what does it profit? The Apostle James raises theological implications of weight when addressing “verbally expressed Christians”. Yet in my heart of love for my neighbors, I am cognitively dissonant towards their failures to connect with our Father, as much as I want them to. Your path is yours to walk alone, as is their’s. Yet there lay many positive things that these “verbally expressed Christians”, good Christians, and even myself can practice every day to both express love for our Father and bring a level of closeness to the relationship.

I like to start every day off or at least in some part of the morning with a session of yoga, lasting 15 to 30 minutes. I practice Christian Yoga, where physical positions are associated with spiritual states and aligned with the body’s chakras. The interconnected spiritual yoga does wonders for my body, mind, and soul, and is the most positive way for me to kick off my day. In a similar fashion, Christians are encouraged to begin their days with prayer or meditation, which are both components of my Christian Yoga regimen.

Food is an essential part of the day and one that should be reverently practiced (not immoderately or out of gluttony). Feeling the thanksgiving for the Father that provided oftentimes scrumptious meals is paramount to anything that can be gained from the meal. Consuming large amounts of food per day and leaving God out of the scenario is folly for two reasons: 1) Have you not heard that man shall not live on bread alone, but on every Word that comes out of the Mouth of God? and 2) It creates esteem and other complicated emotions that separate us from God.


With a modicum of spare time throughout the day, Christians should minister to neighbors or members of their community, which I find great joy in doing. There are literally endless multitudes of the population that need, crave, and yearn to hear the Word of God — bring it to them so that they may hear! The invention of the Internet has given Christians the opporunity to connect with billions of peoples from hundreds of other nations; use this opportunity to minister to Christians, atheists, and members of other religions. Sometimes I’ve even sent out the question to anyone that I could: “Do you require me to minister to you?” The responses always kickstart theological or spiritual conversations, and are great segments of the day that can be spent walking with God or developing a closer relationship.

In fact, connecting with other Christians and neighbors is one of the most important things that a Christian can do. Disconnecting or slipping into recluse damages much of the positive potential and good that one can do — it is a squandering of the spiritual blessings of God. Other ideas include prayer clubs, group scholarly studies, connecting with members of the community, and attending church services.

That being said, every day should also include a personal time for reflection and exposition to God, a time of Adoration in which we thank God for our blessings with all of our being, and simply worship God. He is certainly worth of our worship and dedicating a portion of our day is one of the best ways to show Him that we are 100% behind Him. Ideally, every minute of every day would be dedicated to His worship, whether in the form of spiritually related practices such as listed above or in the form of secular activities including gardening, dancing, crafts, and even watching movies. As we dedicate more and more of our time to doing the Will of the Father, we find that we can always do more, always do better, and always bring more love, positive emotions, and a closeness of our relationship to God to ourselves and others.

God blesses

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