State of the Christian World in 2019

Technology, once thought (and dangerously) to be the most wonderful invention the world has ever seen, stands to corrupt as many of those as bad morals. I have seen a strange time where man indeed sets sail into the vast universe without God, leaving the Great Creator on the one rock that He gave birth to us, the assumption being that God is not necessary in outer space. Short of being that specific, technology drives an inner system of self that is not generally humble, nor easy to control and leads to a gluttunous consumption. This is made evident foundationally by the invention and the construction of the Tower of Babel, God’s response evident in the consequences.

The division of Christians continues in both religiously related and worldly legislature. The spiritual warfare that is passed to humanity is that of the individual’s alone — for it has been said that when two or more gather in the Father’s Name there He is present. Such meetings are of two hermits along their own paths, and both the rarity and the specificity of joining Christians in celebration yields two concepts: 1) There is great cause for celebration in the mass gathering of Christians and servants of the Lord (the more the merrier!) for the Father will present Himself to a multitude of His children and 2) many, if not all, of the precepts, teachings, and life itself must be carried out by the individual between such gatherings. Our paths are ours to walk alone, just as at the gates of Heaven our judgment is rendered to ourselves alone. Denominations are a construction of pride, deception, not condoning solidarity, and work against humanity as separation of Christians and the children of God.

Every year that will ever pass, every life that will ever be lived, has been prophesied by the Lord and perhaps speculated over by His elohim in the heavens. This knowledge of both hindsight and prophesy belongs to Heaven, while the kindred concept of free will belongs to humanity. The two are as always separate, and the interactions of elohim rarely are of affect to the interactions of humans and vice versa. Therefore, predesination is not possible, nor is free will broken by destiny. To build on this, there is a time for everything i.e. seasons, and there is a place for everyone. Much debate and controversy arises out of the hierarchy that is continuous re-established of men and woman and their Christian expectations. God has divined roles for men and women separately, has blessed men and women differently and in varying aspects of life, to create billions of unique human beings.

There seems to presently be a struggle of Christianity to remain relevant in past decades, as many Christians and especially Europe falls into apostasy and atheism. Speaking of the earlier maxim, there is a time for apostasy and atheism as 1) has been prophesied by Prophets since old times and 2) creates a distinction between that of the Father (God) and that of the Creation (Satan). Christians should not fear any of their days as everything happens according to the plan of the Father, and we are well protected within His Hands.

Important fundamentals that should be impressed are those that have been preached since the very beginning, of love and of obedience to the Father. There are good world models that are not in place that would bring the world closer to God e.g. a form of socialism that has not yet been successfully attempted that would bring happiness to all social classes. Many suffer from ailments of lack of food, clean water, shelter, and healthcare in all parts of the world, and this should be addressed according to Christian virtue. Indeed even a return of God to the schools and government systems would be a refreshing victory for Good, if that was ever possible in modern times before the collapse that is associated with the end times. It seems that immoral behavior can at times be the more popular path to take — chastise those that you love who engage in such behavior, and more importantly, show them a better way.

And lastly to complete the basic primer on the state of the world that a servant, Apostle, or Prophet of the Lord is sent out into in the twenty first century, it has been prophesied that the original Apostles and disciples were sent out into the world as sheep amongst wolves; this practice carries on today and perhaps more brutally as citizens of well developed countries have greater luxury than those of old times. Still if all of the world’s populations could be servants of the Lord, our Father, would be best yet regrettably impossible in today’s climate. As previously stated, atheism and anti-theism become more popular on the rise. It may be difficult to find a Christian place of rest depending on location.

Daily practices that should be observed include mental and physical meditation correlating with a radiation of the divine. Prayers and contrite conversations of confession should be said to the Father throughout the day, having a minimum of three lengthy sessions. Diet that is pleasing to the Father both in ingredient and in thanksgiving should be observed for all meals, and never eating out of gluttony. Scholarly study of the Holy Bible is encouraged, starting with a minimum in-depth survey of both the Old and New Testaments. Fill your life with virtues and attitudes, behaviors, and thoughts that are pleasing to the Father and He will walk with you as He walked with friends of God.

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