When is the Apocalypse Going to Happen?

A scholarly report could be outlined to illustrate the timeline of various prophetic / apocalyptic events, possibly estimating the depth into the end times that we are currently living; I’ve heard numerous reports of apocalyptic references in the mainstream news and online press releases; further imaginative speculation could be used to create a timeline of what kinds of events we could be looking forward to based on correlative data between the Apocalypse of John and current events. Most of the ancient religious figures probably could not relate modern times ergo they did not know the world that would be ending, yet present day conditions allow for a variety of apocalyptic prophesies to be expanded on. Some of these examples depicted in population media include the mark of the beast, global wars, immense natural disasters, etc.

We are undoubtedly presently in the End Times. It has been millenia since the Great Sacrifice was made by Jesus of Nazareth for the redemption of the people of Israel, the Kingdom of God — as said certain speculation could be made on our depth in the End Times, however it is expedient that no one knows when the final events could unfold, not even the Son or the Holy Ghost (Matt 24:36). What can we glean from correlative data from the Bible to modern times?

One interesting section is detailed in 2 Timothy 3:1-5), describing possible homosexuality, corporate greed, and expansive secular living, as well as of a great apostasy from God. The Gospel of God will be preached throughout the entire world (Matthe 24:14), yet a level of doubt among Christians will exist for whether the end is near at all (2 Peter 3:3). There will certainly be a transformation between the conditions that we know the world and those that are described directly in the Book of Revelations; however, all of these conditions listed above have either already been met or are nearly met.

There are future predictions in popular culture for a timeframe, notably the Messiah Foundation International’s prediction for the year 2026, the Talmud’s predictive starting date for apocalyptic events in the year 2239, and other scientific predictions ranging from 300,000 to 22 billion years into the future.

One prophesy that is common is that following the return of their homeland to the people of Israel, before the last generation dies, the end will come. Calculations for date put that mini-event in the near future or already have come, given the recreation of the Israeli State following World War 2. Given the proximity of the initial establishment of the nation of Israel, the time needed for the Gospel of God to reach even the most remote corners of the world, and the social conditions that exist in America, an approximate time can be hypothesized to be anywhere with the range of today to one or two decades, to anytime under a century. A narrowed down hypothetical timeline is anywhere from 25 to 75 years. On those great days, the world will see the wrath and love of our Father, the battle of Armageddon, and the rewriting of the story of the earth and the heavens.

God blesses

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