Areas That You Could Be Weak as a Christian

Christians aren’t perfect people. The events of the history of mankind attest to that — the Roman Catholic church has seen it’s share of sinful popes, the Christian crusaders killed many in the name of conquest, and the majority of Christians today don’t necessarily practice what they preach. Human beings are hardwired to sin, for all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God (Romans). Although salvation can be guaranteed, that doesn’t mean we should ever stop growing as Christians and becoming more decent human beings that truly reflect the image of God that we were initially created in.

The two greatest commandments — Love God with all your heart and all your mind and all your soul, and Love your neighbor as yourself — are the foundation for the Christian religion, summarizing not only the Ten Commandments but also a plethora of Mosaic Laws. Reflection on how better one can love God and love neighbors (that is anyone that dwells in the vicinity of oneself) is one strong way for Christians to improve their piety and righteousness. Caring for the welfare of our neighbors, and helping them in their times of need is paramount to what being a Christian, and being a child of God, is all about. Specific ways that one could demonstrate the love for their neighbor include checking in on them, inviting them out for social activities, or simply sharing conversation at some time throughout the day. Of course there are eternal ways that we can love God more fully; activities such as attending church, helping the needy, devoting time to scholarly Christian study, and praying highlight ways that we can become closer to God.

We’re never close enough to God. The rift that was created from the Fall has not yet been reversed and we are stranded sheep wandering away from the good Shepherd. Separated from God, and relying on our own understanding, can lead human beings to lead sinful lifestyles which further increase the separation. Becoming a proud person, even to the point of discriminating against one’s neighbors because they are not Christian, is one way that we are tempted to stray away from Christian teachings. Harboring negative emotions like anger, hate, and fear cause us to adopt non-Christian lifestyles in relevant fields — those affected could be our neighbors, friends, family, or even Angels in the guise of passerby strangers. It’s not always easy to keep track of ways to lead more holy lives. That’s why Biblical study and reflection on Christian doctrine play an important role in the lives of Christians. Immersing oneself in the Word of God will have an absolutely positive spiritual effect.

From the words of the Prophet Hosea, we find that ignorance of the commandments, teachings, and guidance of God is not a modern occurrence. Although Christian wisdom was spoken by Prophets, including Hosea himself, it was often ignored and not considered in the proper light (Hosea 8:12). By being ignorant of true Christian morals and promoting instead behaviors that are contradictory to them, again such as discriminating against others, “false” Christians can encourage others to follow in sinful footsteps. Christians that simply go to church and, for one reason or another, get their interpretation of the Word of God incorrect, can lead others astray. Jesus of Nazareth warns against promoting the wrong Christianity so to speak (Matthew 5:19) and approves those who keep the true tenets of Christianity as great in the Kingdom of Heaven.

There are always ways that Christian lifestyles can be reinforced and improved. Even the nearly perfect man, who kept God’s commandments, asked Jesus what more he could do, and was given a truly wise answer: give up all your own possessions and follow God. This is the pinnacle of the journey to walking with God, letting go of this world and stepping into His world, and requires discipline and strong roots in Christian tradition. To some Christians, giving up all one’s possessions (including computers, clothes, and souvenirs) may sound strange reminiscent of the interpretation of Hosea’s unheeded warnings. As a Christian, are you ready to take up a cross just as Jesus of Nazareth did, and devote your entire life to the one true God? Are you willing to endure what more holy men have endured in the name of the Lord? The fortitude that is required of performing holy acts and living a holy life may be one area that is weak right now in one’s life, but may be strengthened by strengthening one’s relationship in God. Always be ready to provide a defense of one’s faith in God, and always be ready to provide the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those whose ears thirst for it.

Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven comes! With the expectations that are asked of Christian by the foresight of God and the standard of goodness in which He created the world, some people may have to come full circle and completely renounce a life of wickedness and sinfulness that they have been tempted to live. Everyone is walking a different path, and God is there for everyone at the stage that they need Him. He provided a Savior for mankind through His Son Jesus of Nazareth, and He has provided the path of salvation to all those that seek it. Knock and the door shall be opened to you; ask and you will receive.

God blesses

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