Are you feeling hopeless?

Life is so much more complex than hopelessness and faith, even if you can’t see it right now. You can try, if you remember your fond memories and your memories of strength, along with every good thing that has happened to you as well as every bad thing that has happened to you — every subconscious thought, reaction, feeling, yearning…If you could remember everything, you would know who you are. Now try to imagine remembering everything about yourself, as well as everything about just one other person. Every one of their fond memories, every memory of strength and weakness, every good or bad thing that has happened to them, every subconscious thought, reaction, feeling, yearning. It’s difficult isn’t it?

Now try to remember every fond memory, memory of strength and weakness, good or bad thing that has ever happened, subconscious thought, reaction, feeling, and yearning; but for every single human being that has ever walked the face of the earth. You are now an elohim, one of those spiritual beings that God has created, and that God Himself is, although he is and will always remain one of a kind.

When you die, no one but God knows whether you’re going to go to Heaven or Hell at the end of the age. You can live a life of passion, creativity, liveliness, exploration, and wisdom; or you can lead a life of jealousy, hatred, want, fulfillment of self, and desire; or any mix of the two. Only God will remember every waking and sleeping moment of your life, and only God and yourself will judge you on that final day.

However, if you turn away from what darkness has been thrust before you, if you show God that you would do the right thing given the real choice, if you would show Him that you would choose Him before all else: He will do the same for you. You will be remembered lovingly, for all eternity, as the wisest man remembers the girl he loved the most. You can even be in Heaven right now.

God blesses

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