A Message from the Elect

We have not been asleep nor away, but whittling away the descriptors of our lives that create who we are. We have been living, weighing our wills, and thinking about what we know.

It is often thought about the Biblical era and parables as antiquated, and that which is more relevant to the times that the Scriptures were written in than those of modern times. Overlook not the wisdom of God’s inspired Word — if your life resonates with those that are righteous in the Bible, those that are longsuffering and endure great pain, the poor in spirit and the childlike and those who deeply defer to God, their fate is your fate. The reward of justice does come to those that wait.

Conversely, if your life resonates with those that are wicked in the Bible, the idolators and the immoral, those that are rich in spirit and boast of their own greatness, your fate is their fate. The condemnation of justice comes to those even not ready in wait.

The Words and Wisdom of God the Father are eternal now and forever. What have the sinful been deceived into thinking their reward will be, after this short passing of life, hiding behind shields of apathy and atheism, idolizing fortune and fame, forgetting the Lord only God and placing their hopes for second chances in the hands of consultants and fortune tellers?

And I, a less than ordinary child foolish in my service to the Lord who still appears pious due to the overwhelming rejection of the Christian reach into mundane life. My heart sinks for the fate of every nation, for every nation will be judged by the ruler that they exact upon their poorest citizens. It will be a judgment by fire, a fire that will sweep across the earth in every day place, and there will be too much weeping and too much gnashing of teeth. I have seen it in many faces and many actions until the whole of my heart has been filled with the tears of lambs.

When all of God’s children He has elected to smile upon are dead, there will be a great silence that may last a long time.

But yet that time has not come. There is still time to truly repent for sins, to turn away from evil and embrace the love of He that created everything, and to take away the bars of despair that are inevitably imposed upon the undeserving. No matter how dark the forecast, it is not too late in the present. Remember all that you have been blessed with, the beauty you have with your own eyes seen, and the compassion that you have one time been shown.

God blesses

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